EP 572 The Guru of Better Living In Our Later Passage With New Information and Motivation

Ken Dychtwald, the founder of Age Wave, is a force of nature who through his writings and talks has changed America’s way of looking at aging.  In this podcast, he employs his remarkable communication skills to frame the issues of aging in a new light and delivers results from a new study regarding changing retirement patterns.  This study explores retirement in a new light, one that looks at it from the perspective of a 20 to 30 year life stage.  It uncovers the birth of a new retirement journey, explores how it unfolds, and reveals four unique stages each with new dreams, worries, choices, and planning needs.  Are you a purposeful pathfinder: Perhaps a relaxed traditionalist?  Maybe you’re part of the group he deems ‘challenged yet hopefuls’ or a ‘regretful struggler’.  He urges those approaching retirement to be purposeful and take early action in order to successfully navigate the retirement journey.  He is riveting and the material fresh and important.