About Larry

About Larry

Larry Rifkin has mastered the language of television and radio over his career in both.

Now, he turns his attention to podcasts, which he believes can incorporate some of the best of both media to create a new form of communication with an audience.

He wants to imprint his personality and editorial awareness on issues that will be with us for the long term.

Thus, he’s created, America Trends.

He’s been able to look at the media landscape both in public television and commercial radio to see where there were voids that needed to be filled.

So, for example, he brought to public television a series that became the most successful local franchise in the history of PBS stations.  And nationally, his keen eye picked up on a void in children’s program and he brought along a series that revolutionized the field.

When he returned to commercial radio, his first love, after over a quarter century in public television, he built a new template for a talk program that could be smart, funny, whimsical and focused, and boundless in terms of the topics he chose to highlight.

He built a loyal listenership who recognized that they were being offered a distinct voice.

Now, after 15 years in that medium, he is determined to help us all envision what the social and political future will look like in America.

Come along for a new listening experience.