EP 573 The Older Set Vital to Nation’s Economy

There is a trend in modern day America as older Americans leave their careers but prepare for another phase of life which will involve purpose, passion and, often, working in some capacity.  Our guest, Chris Farrell, saw the trend of unretirement coming some years back when he wrote a book of the same name.  Today, the decision to do something other than play golf and watching TV is more important than ever for both the individual who will have many years remaining on the clock and the society which is in desperate need of workers as unemployment is negligible.  Mr. Farrell, the senior economics contributor at Marketplace, has a sharp focus on the issue in his latest book, ‘Purpose and a Paycheck: Finding Meaning, Money and Happiness in the Second Half of Life’.  We discuss policies, practices and attitudes that need to change in America in order to take full advantage of the benefits of a multi-generational work environment and the contributions the older set can make as part of it.