EP 519 Is Operation Warp Speed a Template for Future Pandemics?



There is much confusion as to how a new technology could have been developed so quickly in response to a novel coronavirus which came to be known as COVID-19.  The truth is that the messenger RNA technology was in the works for decades and that the release of the sequence of the new coronavirus from a brave physician in China gave vacciane scientists, virologists and government officials what they needed to make the unprecedented push to bring vaccines to market in record time.  It’s a compelling story as told by our guest, Brendan Borrell, in his book, ‘The First Shots’.  You will learn not only about gene sequencing, but about the sequence of events and the colorful cast of characters racing to save the planet from even greater devastation than the virus has caused.  People like Dr. Barney Graham, Jason McClellan, Kizzmekia Corbett and Dr. Robert Kadlec are acknowledged for their work which was critical to this effort.  And the work is in no way done.  Just as anti-viral pills are being developed for market by Merck and Pfizer, many across the globe are banking on faster, more scalable vaccines in places, like Africa, where so few are yet vaccinated.  These involve different technologies than the mRNA. There are many viruses which we lack sufficient information about just waiting for their moment to affect the human population. The lessons from this pandemic must be applied to those enemies of mankind.  Hopefully, we have learned from our successes and failures in response to this outbreak.