EP 520 See the Future of the World by Looking at a Map




Some say geography is destiny.  While that may be too simplistic a way to look at the world, there is much you can tell about a nation’s fortunes based upon the neighborhood in which it resides.  Take the United States, for example.  We are isolated from potential aggressors, have unique positioning between two major oceans, and have an abundance of natural resources which allow us to be self sufficient, if necessary.  Other countries live in hostile, landlocked situations which have made them vulnerable to attack and re-shaping over centuries.  And, of course, your geography provides great the key to how you will fare in the competition for vital natural resources and in an era of climate change.  We will walk you through the flashpoints in today’s world with Tim Marshall, author of ‘The Power of Geography:Ten Maps That Reveal the Future of Our World’.  He has a fascinating take on what to look for as we take a spin around the globe on today’s podcast.