EP 517 Are You a Part of the 9.9 Percenters In America?


In the past, there was a mythology built around the concept of the millionaire next door.  It was the assuming couple who brought little attention to themselves.  They didn’t drive flashy cars or exhibit a taste for bling.  As two-income professionals, however, they had a nice home and learned the lessons of compound interest early on.  Today, in aggregate, they make up the group with the most wealth in America.  And while we often talk about the excesses of the 0.1 percent, perhaps we have given too much of a free ride to those right below them who have plenty of assets when totalled up but see nothing in their lifestyle that creates the inequities that the other ninety percent are feeling.  In many cases, they fail to recognize the many ‘invisible’ benefits that society offers those in this group. Philosopher Matthew Stewart, author of ‘The 9.9 Percent: The New Aristrocacy That Is Entrenching Inequality and Warping Our Culture’, joins us to discuss this key sub-set in our culture.  By the end of the podcast, you will determine if the label applies to you.