EP 516 Reshoring of Manufacturing Jobs Poised to Surge 38 Percent This Year…But

Description: It would seem that the pandemic has pushed some manufacturers to bring certain manufacturing processes home and while the percentage of movement stateside seems impressive given the movement away from our shores it’s still not enough, according to Harry Moser, president of the Reshoring Initiative. In order to insure that this is not a temporary pause in offshoring, America must develop a clear and consistent industrial policy.  One unlike that which has seen America’s manufacturing sector whither over the last 40 years.  With advanced manufacturing initiatives, particularly in the computer and electronics sector,there is a move to reverse that trend to some degree.  But, according to Moser, it will take the adoption of a VAT tax, the weakening of the dollar against other currencies and an educational push to drive young people into manufacturing jobs of the future in order to sustain the reshoring effort and provide us with the manufacturing base necessary to provide for our own defense and health and safety.  With the race to the bottom in manufacturing such a consistent tool for multi-national companies, it will take a concerted American reversal of policy to attentuate its impact.