EP 515 Young Americans(and the Youth Everywhere) Will Be On the Move This Century

https://d28hgpri8am2if.cloudfront.net/tagged_assets/6500059/139956732_hr.jpg With cascading economic crises, political unrest and climate change, four billion youth are abandoning failing states and looking for livable situations everywhere.  Given the climate and affordable housing, America’s Rust Belt will look attractive to many in the years to come.  It will also bring people closer to the border of Canada, one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants in the century ahead.  America which has traditionally been open to immigrants finds itself having recoiled from that position in recent years, just at a time when the young people of Central and South America and other spots could provide necessary services for an aging population.  Within the borders of the United States, movement inland from the coasts and south to north will also be inevitable as climate pushes people to less turbulent destinations.  Parag Khanna one of the most far-sighted thinkers of his generation, and founder and managing partner of Future Map, has a vision of the future in which there is a war for young talent as countries realize their need for able-bodied, tax-paying migrants to avoid demographic doom.  ‘Move: The Forces Uprooting Us’ is the first book to reveal where we will go to survive climate change and other misalignment of natural resources, borders, infrastructure and people.  He speaks as cogently as he writes and he joins us on today’s podcast.