EP 514 Space Exploration Under New Management

In a reversal for the American approach to many endeavors, space exploration started out as a public venture through NASA, focused on national security and scientific dominance, to an area that sees most of the investment today coming from private space barons, like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, among others.  Their motivations, individually and collectively, are wide ranging from the desire to take heavy industry off our planet for environmental reasons to commercial travel and actual creating a place where humans can go on a more permanent basis.  People have been excited to witness a re-commitment to manned space travel and imagining that the possibilities for the average person to explore the next frontier are finally within reach.  Joining us to discuss the future of space travel is Professor Mike Gruntman, who teaches Astronautics at the University of Southern California.  So before you sign up to take a ride or join the newly minted Space Force, listen to this podcast.