EP 513 The Food and Drug Administration: What Goes On Behind Closed Doors?

How do you know the food you’re eating is safe to consume?  That the labels on food tell you something meaningful about what you’re going to eat?  That the food supply, which now includes many staples from overseas, has been inspected?  Presumably, we have a powerful regulatory agency in the Food & Drug Administration(FDA) that can provide us with these certainties.  Or can they?  The first insider account of what goes on there has been released by Richard Williams, PhD., author of ‘Fixing Food: An FDA Insider Unravels the Myths and Solutions”.  While much of the focus of late has been on how the FDA handles drug approvals in the wake of the pandemic, the other side of the house has important responsibilities to keep our food supply safe.  How do they go about that process with our confidence given the fact that inspections often take place once every six years and one out of every six Americans gets food poisoning each year, according the Centers for Disease Control.  It’s a complicated business with lots of big food manufacturers designing more new food products each year.  We’ll ask the hard questions and get answers from a man who did the cost/benefit analysis on food for our government for decades.