EP 507 Buying a Car Going Forward Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

The friendly car salesman is still waiting for you at the showroom to take you for a test drive, but you are now entering what was a lose/lose battle with a lot more information and many more choices.  Just as we previously did a podcast on the changing nature of purchasing a home, our second greatest outlay–buying a car–is undergoing a great transformation.  CarMax, Carvana and Vroom are changing the way used cars are sold.  AutoNation is buying up a good number of dealerships.  Dealerships now offer a range of different brands and are employing new technology.  And now Ford Motor Co. has just announced a shift in the way it sells vehicles.  It plans to do a bigger portion of its sales by having buyers order from the factory and wait six to eight weeks, rather than choosing from the selection in inventory at a local dealership.  To sort out the future of car purchasing for us is Max Zanan, the ultimate automotive retail expert.  He knows what’s changing, why its changing and how it affects you.  You can find him at maxzanan.com, but why wait.  Listen to him here.