EP 508 This Pandemic Will Not Be the Last

It takes a lot of knowledge, research and time to write 500 pages on the way that infectious disease has intersected with the history of humanity on this planet. Kyle Harper, our guest and author of ‘Plagues Upon the Earth’ does a masterful job of breaking it down for us on this podcast.  If you think we have all the tools to eradicate future plagues and pandemics using modern technology, I must ask where you’ve been for the last two years.  It’s inevitable and accelerating as more people mean more opportunity for our invisible companions to find a host.  The story of disease has enduring effects in patterns of wealth, health, power and inequality.  The good news is that we who are alive today won the pathogen lottery.  For the 10,000 generations of humans who came before us, life was short.  It has been only the last three or four generations when we would not be gone within 30 years.  Yet we cannot take this advance for granted.  While we have antibiotics, vaccines and insecticides, we are dealing with a shrewd nemesis determined to attack an ever growing population on this earth.  Be alert and learn the history in order to understand the threat more clearly.