EP 506 To Raise a Boy in 21st Century America

Much attention has been paid to the plight of young girls in American society as we attempt to knock down barriers to their dreams and build more protections from predatory practices often visited upon them.  What about the boys?  Much research tells us that they are falling short in academic performance, suffering greater rates of suicide and having trouble launching from the nest.  In a new book ‘To Raise a Boy’, investigative journalist Emma Brown tell us that there is more to the story.  While sexual violence is often framed as an issue of male on female, there is much male on male violence that is often described in other terms.  Yet the practice is prevalent and can result in the victimized later becoming a victimizer.  Young boys are often required to suppress their emotional selves causing stunted development of vital parts of their being which leads to a lack of connection so common among older boys and men.  America Trends has done more reporting on this topic and will revisit that material to add to your understanding of the complexity and importance of this topic.