EP 505 A Soldier Reflects on His Afghanistan Experience

We all watched as America accomplished a very messy end to the twenty year Afghanistan War, the longest in our history.  So what was it like on the ground for those who fought in it and how did they view the withdrawal, given their sacrifice?  Was it all in vain?  Scott DeLuzio, author of ‘Surviving Son’, had a unique perspective.  While he fought in the war, more tragically his brother, Steven, was serving at the same time and was killed while Scott was in country.  He gives us his view as to whether what was accomplished over this twenty years, his feelings about the way America sends men and women off to war and leaves that one percent to do our bidding as we go on with our lives at home, generally unaware of their experience in any material way.  He returned to civilian life, but his homecoming was not the hero’s welcome he deserved.  This chapter of American history is closed for many of us, but it lives on for Scott in the memory of the brother he lost and the PTSD he deals with.  He continues to give back to veterans of the conflict through his Drive On podcast at driveonpodcast.com.