EP 481 Water: Too Many Straws and Not Enough Supply

Our guest likes to use the straws metaphor to get across the point that all the users of the world’s most precious resource must accept that given population growth and climate change, one of the key solutions to a growing water crisis is to recognize that if your straw stays in the glass, some else’s must come out.  On the list of realistic solutions to a problem that could prove that this resource will be THE source of future global conflicts this one falls in the category of conservation.  Technological advances, education and regulation are key to giving weight to this option, but more will need to be done as we see example after example of watersheds, rivers and basins drying up.  And, for the United States, you would be mistaken to think that it is simply a problem out in the West.  The problem of too little water and poorly maintained infrastructure crosses the continent.  Our guest, Robert Glennon, author of such books as ‘Unquenchable’ and ‘Water Follies’, is a recognized leader in the science of water and gives you much to think about, and personally act upon, in this podcast.