EP 480 Remote Work Enters the Business Lexicon to Stay

Your office for the duration of the pandemic was wherever you, your phone and computer were.  And while some companies are calling everyone back into the office, many others have recognized the value and benefits of remote work.  The work from home trend is now being factored into the culture of many companies as positions for the chief of remote work are being developed.  The most likely scenario, though still too early to tell, is a hybrid and flexible model of work designed to compete for the knowledge worker who will have many options from which to choose.  James Citrin and our guest, Darleen Derosa, of global leadership firm Spencer Stuart, have written a new book, ‘Leading at a Distance: Practical Lessons for Virtual Success’.  Workforce strategies, like virtual work, have been thrust to the top of the list of issues that executives have to address in the period ahead in order to compete globally.  We discuss the latest research and thinking on the topic.