EP 473 Aging Americans Growing Older Like Never Before

The many generations that are growing old in today’s America are as different from one another as they are from the millennials and Gen X’ers.  There is no way to look at the experiences of those in their 60’s and equate them to the fastest growing population in the country, those 85 plus.  Yet, many marketers lump everyone 55 plus in one bucket.  It’s a foolish strategy since an AARP study shows that Americans 50 and older would be the world’s third largest economy.  And while older Americans defy past stereotypes the notion of ageism and discrimination still exist.  This phenomenon is particularly acute related to women of a certain age.  Our guest, Maddy Dychtwald, and her husband Ken, founded Age Wave over thirty years ago and it remains a definitive source of the effects that this booming boomer generation is having on America.  In this podcast, Maddy and I explore a range of issues around aging in 21st century America.