EP 472 Populism, Nationalism, Socialism Combine to Define Crisis Moment in American Politics

A clash of competing political movements in America result in leaders presiding over a fractured and dispirited electorate and a troubled political economy.  And while President Joe Biden has attempted to restore the political order to something reminiscent of more conventional times, his success or failure could usher in a new wave of strident dissent on both flanks of the political spectrum.  Suffice to say, America’s politics has not settled into a more centrist default position.  A great chronicler of what this all means is John Judis, Editor-At-Large at Talking Points Memo and author of many books on our politics.  We discuss his recent compilation from Columbia Global Reports which clarifies and updates recent individual works on the three dominant strands in our politics–populism, nationalism and socialism.  In our wide-ranging conversation, we explore the themes laid out in ‘The Politics of Our Time’.