EP 474 Inflation is Up, Up and Away in America’s Economy

While the economy is showing signs of life as restrictions have been lifted on businesses and the pump has been primed by the federal government throughout the pandemic, there are concerning signs that inflation may eat away at some of the gains we are seeing. The question is whether this will be a short term issue or persist into the future, thus eating away at the consumers spending level and confidence. While some suggest that pent-up demand and lagging supply chains is the reason for inflation, we decided to dig deeper into the subject on today’s podcast.  Ted Oakley, Managing Partner of Oxbow Advisors, joins us to touch on many of the economic flashpoints today such as the growing debt, cryptocurrency, the spate of resignations and other issues in the job market, and then back again to the elephant in the room–inflation.  Just days ago, President Biden addressed the topic and indicated that he would look to the Federal Reserve to adjust its easy money policy if the 20 year high in inflation persists.  It’s worth keeping an eye on.  Some of us remember the impact of rampant inflation of the 1970’s.  That is a trend we do not want to see re-emerge.