EP 288 Can the American Carnage Be Stopped?

 The nation is trying to reckon with the deadly concoction of troubled
young men, possessing tools of war and espousing, in many cases, hatred
toward  fellow Americans because of their color, sexual orientation,
religion or other characteristics.  The body count from this anti-social
behavior continues to rise and prayers and condolences are becoming an
insubstantial response to mass shootings unseen anywhere else in the
world.  We turn to Katherine Schweit, who when she was with the FBI,
authored the Active Shooter Study to get a better handle on who we are
talking about and what we can do to make these rampages less likely and
lethal going forward.  There is no one answer but we must begin to
discuss what public policy initiatives might halt this growing trend
toward violent extremism–is it guns, more mental health services, or
pre-emptive action toward those who evidence such tendencies.

this all must be done within the limits of the Constitution and in a
race against the inevitable tragedy next awaiting the nation.  You may
be surprised at the role that we, the ordinary bystander, happening upon
such a circumstance in a place considered a soft target can and have
had in many cases.