EP 287 The World is Dedollarizing and You Need to Understand What That Means

   What if tomorrow nobody but the United States would use the
US-dollar?  Say begins a compelling article by our guest, Peter Koenig. 
You might say, back up, I don’t even understand what that means.  Well,
we need to.  And so we lay out in a meticulous fashion the central role
that the U.S. dollar plays in the world economy, generally far beyond
what you might imagine, and walk you through the trend of
dedollarization now going on.  It is a story of East vs. West in many
ways and provides important sub-text for the tensions in U.S.-China
relations.  We will introduce you to new competitors to the all powerful
dollar, our Federal Reserve and big banks which have been able to
impose their will on countries and events worldwide.  One of the most
significant new entities is the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and
the splintering off of key American allies in the process.  All of this
has both financial and military implications and as our guest tells us
while we might not feels the effects of our shrinking importance as the
world’s reserve currency suddenly, it will have significant impacts over