EP 289 Angry Young Men Have Become America’s Most Dangerous Predators

In the podcast realm, true crime is by far the most listened to genre.
Our focus on it is simply because it’s part of such a growing, and
disturbing, trend in our society.  Following on to our most recent post
about the FBI profiles of active shooters in America, we turn our
attention to the case of Israel Keyes, one of the most meticulous serial
killers of the 21st century.  In Maureen Callahan’s riveting account of
this case in her book, ‘American Predator’, one of the most
inexplicable elements was how little was known about this killer’s
family life and upbringing.  And, in reality, until we begin as a
society to take greater interest in the well documented troubles of boys
in our culture, how can we get to the root of the mass killings
epidemic?  Ms. Callahan sees the nexus clearly between these two killer
types and helps us to understand her thinking in a compelling article
she wrote with the headline ‘angry young men continue to be America’s
greatest threat’.  It’s not something we as a society can continue to
simply tolerate.  As concerned citizens at a town meeting with the
Governor of Ohio, following the Dayton shooting said in unison ‘do
something’.  Well, first we need to admit to the enormity of the
alienation, understand it better and develop a range of strategies that
can prevent it or mitigate its lethality.  But act, we must.  And soon. 
This conversation is a good start, as are previous podcasts still
available to you on this site with Warren Farrell and Dr. Leonard Sax.