3 Special Edition American Companies are Selling Their Souls, as Well as Their Products, to Profit from the Chinese Market

The NBA is ‘woke’ in many respects but not when it comes to cutting off
ties with the lucrative Chinese market which comprises a growing
revenue stream for the association.  The recent controversy,  fueled by
comments by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, points out the
delicate dance between defending democratic ideals of freedom of speech
and individual rights when they come into conflict with the profit
motive. Our podcast is focusing on this topic because it goes well
beyond the NBA to a range of American businesses which must defer to and
comply with Communist concerns about product and even creative content
if they want access to the growing consumer culture of China.  Is it
worth the price of admission and what are we giving up in the process? 
Do you feel this issue should be part and parcel of the ongoing trade
talks with China–and is it?   Based on her provocative column on the
subject, we reached out to our guest, Miranda Devine, an opinion
columnist at the New York Post and we engaged in wide ranging
conversation on the subject.