EP 284 The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age of AI

  When broadcasting and mass circulation newspapers were king, we all
received the same news, advertising and messages.  In the earliest days
of digital technology, we, the consumer, have been king.  The
competition between on line and on the ground retailers has given us
choice and competitive pricing.  As marketing becomes totally
individualized through the use of sophisticated algorithms, the
prevalence of the internet of things and voice activation, both through
science and man to computer emotional bonding, the tools of persuasion
will invert the relationship and increase our susceptibility to precise
and powerful marketing.  This will permeate how we shop, who we vote for
and what information influences our thinking.  Just give William
Ammerman, author of ‘The Invisible Brand’ thirty minutes of your time in
this podcast and these concepts, through simple to follow illustration,
will become crystal clear.  You’ll even walk away with an understanding
of a new term psychotechnology.  It’s quite a ride you’re about to go
on.  It will transform your relationship with the tools of convenience
upon which we have become so dependent.