EP 285 Regrets, I’ve Had a Few..

  If you’ve had a lot of regrets about the decisions you’ve made in your
life that brought you to this point…well, a new study points to the
fact that you are not alone.  According to the numbers, 4 in ten people
say they regret how they’ve lived their lives so far.  Frankly, I
consider that number to be lower than what walking around research might
tell us.  In this podcast with Steve Fink of studyfinds.org, we explore
this study and what it means.  Given that we make 70 decisions a day,
one of my questions relates to whether what we regret represents a big
decision or the small ones that we make more out of than we should.  The
big ones: did I pick the right partner, am I on the most satisfying
career track, should I have moved to a new place when I had the chance? 
Choosing leather seats over cloth ones in my new car purchase my
paralyze us in the short term, but shouldn’t even ruin our day.  It’s a
freewheeling conversation where we look at common regrets and even
explore those of terminally ill patients who looked back at their
lives.  Whatever age and stage you’re at, it’s a good conversation to
listen in on.