EP 272 The Death Of Politics

Frustrated and feeling betrayed, Americans have come to loathe politics–assuring more disastrous results. In his well researched book, ‘The Death of Politics’, Peter Wehner reminds us that politics can, and should, be about the noble pursuit of justice. To give up on politics means giving up on making America a more just society. The sense of the importance of politics in a democratic society requires a healthy respect for opposing opinions and an ability to find common ground. That foundation is crumbling in America and Donald Trump’s presidency is an outsized, and virulent, manifestation of this trend. As a devout Christian and conservative, Mr. Wehner is appalled at what co-religionists and former political allies have done to abandon their principles to serve the interests of this president. Having served in three previous Republican administrations, he has thought long and hard about where our politics is going and is troubled. His articulate expression of concern is something worth listening to given his unique vantage point. Since he ended the book on a cautious note of hope based upon the premise that the people will make a course correction, I ask him what he would say if the country signed on for four more years of this. You will find his answer quite interesting.