EP273 Where Will We Get Our News Going Forward?

There are alarming reports from all over the country about the demise
of local newspapers and the sprouting up of local ‘news deserts’, where
finding out about what’s going on in your town or city is becoming
increasingly more difficult.  With it comes a lack of accountability on
the part of local officials as there’s no one watching(even taxes
increases may occur more easily without the media watchman in place). 
So, we turned to Dan Kennedy, a journalism professor from Northeastern
University, and author of two books on the the state of play for
journalism, to help us sort things out.  It’s a round discussion that
touches on many factors changing how and where we get our news.  Will
the on-line alternatives fill the breach, many of which operate because
of the generosity of community foundations?  Are daily newspapers
figuring out ways to monetize their on-line content?  Can TV news be an
adequate substitute for a local newspaper?  And what about weekly
papers? For old-timers, reading the newspaper every day is as natural as
taking their next breath, and as necessary, while most young people
have never had that attachment.  So where do we go from here?  Listen in
to find out.