EP 271 Are We Becoming Less Human?

  Humans have the capacity to be caring and show empathy toward total
strangers, even risk our lives on their behalf, yet, in contrast, we
also have the ability to dehumanize others thus opening the door to
shocking aggression and brutality.  Since our podcast likes to look at
trajectory, we were curious in what direction the pendulum was
swinging.  We turned to Adam Waytz, author of ‘The Power of Human’, for
the answer.  In a world of increasing pace, speed and human connection
of a secondary nature, by way of social media, we explore the impacts of
growing research on loneliness and social isolation, as major
contributors to declining health for many in our society.  We are in the
midst of a ‘dehumanizing shift’ and we’re growing less interested in
entering into meaningful relationships and conversations.  So, the next
time you’re across from someone at a table, rather than better dealing
them by looking for an ‘outer ring’ friend to connect with on line, pay
them some real attention.  Our society will be better for it.