EP 270 How Baby Boomers Stole the Millennials’ Economic Future

 There may not be a clash of generations with the newly adult Millennial’s squaring off against their baby boomer parents, but when(and if)they wake up to many decisions that the older set has made, there will be some ‘esplaining to do’.  By all accounts, Millennials’ must contend with the harsh reality of a tough job market, expensive housing in desirable urban areas(where the jobs are)and piles of college debt. Joseph Sternberg, born in 1986 and a millennial, lowers the boom on the boomers for many of the decisions made in the follow up to the great recession in 2008 in his book, ‘The Theft of the Decade’.  He tells us that the jobs ladder effectively collapsed for Millennials’ after the near crash and older folks haven’t even had the courtesy to get out of a rapidly changing workforce in order to make way for their kids. Whatever generation you are, this podcast will get you thinking about the future for a huge generation of young people whose fate is being determined at this moment in time.