EP 233 Why Are All My Favorite Stores Closing?

The decline in brick and mortar retail stores is a real trend that threatens a lot in the way of jobs which are dependent upon this sector, but also the great memories of what a joy we experienced getting to know  shopkeepers in our downtown’s, for example,who influenced our thinking about fashion, books, music and all other pleasures. The demise is not only driven by Amazon, though clearly it is a factor in all of this. Mark Pilkington, author of ‘Retail Therapy: Why the Retail Industry is Broken-And What Can Be Done to Fix It’ lays out the many issues that have brought us to a point where even in Manhattan’s Golden Triangle there are serious levels of story vacancies. And the impacts are massive of real estate, restaurants and suppliers.  We take a deep divide into the issue, with some corrective actions which the industry needs to take to revive itself.