EP 232 Can We Put a Please Do Not Disturb Sign on the Grand Canyon?

One third of all the land in America is public. Protected?  Well, that’s another question altogether. In his book, ‘Grand Canyon For Sale’, Stephen Nash makes a compelling case that it is less so than we might suspect or want.  As his fulsome description of the beauty, majesty and awe inspiring sweep of this natural landscape and our other national parks will captivate you, his stark warnings about the political and natural threats to them will anger you and, perhaps, rouse you to action.  He will walk us through the rocky terrain of greedy private interests, aided and abetted by their willing supplicants in government, to sell off these lands, starve them of the support they need and leave us understanding the threats to ‘America’s best idea’. And they are many.  Get to these places soon as climate change’s gnawing reminders are paying particular havoc to our national parks. If you’re like most Americans, this issue is distressing. Absorb what’s in this podcast and call your Congressional representative.