EP 234 What’s Wrong With Jury Trials?

The concept of a jury of our peers is one of the most sacrosanct in our American system of justice.  Yet, it’s astonishing how few trials ever get to a jury in the first place. And when they do, you may be rocked by what you learn about the process of deliberation in the jury room–it’s opaque and never revealed.  (And don’t you wonder, what kind of discussion really went on in there?) Drury Sherrod, a co-founder of a jury research firm specializing in trial strategy and jury selection, lifts the veil on the process in this podcast and in his new book, ‘The Jury Crisis’.  Are juries really finders of fact and arbiters of justice or led blindly into jury rooms with reams of complicated testimony delivered by lawyers and judges in a hopeless quest to make sense of it? The verdict will be apparent as you listen.