EP 642 Can Tech Creators Really Control the Content on Their Platforms?

Our guest, David Auerbach has coined the term that is the title of his book, “Meganets”. The scope of various social networks and interactive platforms has grown to such a proportion because of the sophistication of the technology and the abundant use by individuals that it is creating an autonomous digital force, as uncontrollable as the weather, and is transforming lives,society, culture and politics. Implicit in this description is the notion that no matter how many times tech execs are hauled in front of Congress or new regulations written to moderate content, the most startling fact is that there is no hand on the tiller of some of the largest global digital forces that influence our lives. This includes Facebook, Amazon, Google,Instagram and others. In effect, Auerbach argues that these companies have a created a Frankenstein. He’ll explain on this podcast.