EP 597 Worst of Our Gun Related Violence Gets Little Attention

Much attention is paid to mass shootings because they often involve our most precious citizens, our children.  Yet, other forms of gun violence such as that between intimate partners, that associated with drugs on city streets and that which involves self harm and suicide get far less.  America’s fascination with the gun goes unabated as tepid laws are passed, government study of the issues surrounding it go unfunded and the US Supreme Court strengthens Second Amendment protections with little regard for the 21st century technology and impacts.  While it was my intent to focus on mass shootings in this podcast, our guest criminologist Emma Fridel, PhD, of Florida State University quickly moved the conversation to the range of topics that get less attention, yet daily result in the upending and actual ending of lives, as well. It is a lively discussion of a range of issues relating to gun-related violence in our culture, touching on law, politics and attitudes.