EP 551 News Business Changing in Good Ways and Bad

Jon Marshall, Medill School of Journalism professor at Northwestern University and author of ‘Clash: Presidents and the Press in Times of Crisis’ for a second episode of our podcast focusing on the state of the new media industry as it morphs in response to the digital times.  The two most disturbing trends are news deserts, the growing number of locations across the country, that have no local newspapers and the proliferation of uncurated sites on the internet, in particular, which contain content that is anything but objective.  The difficulty in the case of the latter is determining the reliability of that content.  It requires a great deal of media literacy, which is lacking in any curriculum in our schools.  We discuss waning effectiveness of the newspaper business model, the new approaches, like non-profit media organizations sprouting up, and some new ways of making local media more profitable so that it can serve citizens and, literally, play a role in preserving our democracy.