EP 544 Women Deserve More R E S P E C T


Men and women both need to listen to this podcast.  Our societal conditioning has put it in all of our heads that men somehow are more authoritative and competent and have the right to let women know that it’s still their club and admission comes with a steep price.  Every woman has a story of being underestimated, overlooked, challenged and patronized in the workplace and, often, in social settings.  Maybe she tried to speak up at a meeting, only to be talked over by her male colleagues.  Despite the progress we’ve made toward the goal of equality, we still fail, more often than we might realize, to take women as seriously as men.  Some men reading this may be rolling their eyes.  Please listen to our guest Mary Ann Sieghart, author of the book ‘The Authority Gap: Why Women Are Still Taken Less Seriously Than Men, and What We Can Do About It’.  If you argue with the premise, Ms. Sieghart has empirical data to back up her points and a keen sense of what is so difficult to unlodge from our subconscious–that men still dominate the society, based more on confidence than competence.  In fact, women are excelling today in ways that often leave men in the dust.  It’s a must listen.  I know what she has to say will resonate with any fair minded person.