EP 525 Are We on a Path to a Livable Future?



The last two years has demonstrated that unanticipated events, like a pandemic, can force drastic changes in the way that we live.  Climate science has been warning for decades now that we are on an unsustainable path and yet we seem incapable, or unwilling, to confront this reality.  More intense storms, raging wildfires, climate fluctuations and droughts have been dismissed by many as natural occurrences unaffected by human activity. The science says otherwise. So are we likely to make the necessary changes and can we do it it in time?  Our guest, Stan Cox, author of ‘The Path To a Livable Future’ questions whether the Green New Deal or the recent Glasgow summit on climate really address the sacrifices we need to make.  As long as America’s North Star continues to be the devotion to more and more economic growth the path he describes may lead to a ruinous end.  He discusses the need to deal with entangled emergencies, including climate change, racism and the next pandemic in this podcast.