EP 511 Reinventing Schools More Crucial In Wake of the Pandemic

When I worked for my state Commissioner of Education in Connecticut in the early 1980’s the educational establishment was abuzz with the concept of ‘equity and excellence’.  Yet nearly 50 years later, despite lots of money and resources thrown at our old model of education, one reformer John Dewey in the early twentieth century would still recognize, is just not cutting it.  In fact, David Osborne in his book ‘Reinventing America’s Schools’ says that our current system serves just over half of our children.  And in the wake of the pandemic with children detached and disenrolled, particularly those already disadvantaged from a socio-economic standpoint, it is frightening to think that we might be on the verge of losing a whole generation of children.  For our global competitiveness, this would be devastating, particularly given the fact that on many international measures we are already lacking.  To discuss a way forward is Tress Pankovits, co-director of the reinventing schools project at the Progressive Policy Institute.  It’s a discussion we must turn into action…and fast.