EP 485 Do You Have What It Takes to Build a Startup?

A great idea is one thing.  Operationalizing that idea is another.  Haven’t we all had the one big notion that we thought would be a million dollar opportunity?  As you’ll hear in this podcast, I shared mine with our guest.  Yet, like most of us, I never went the extra mile to try to fund it, build it and manage it.  And while America is still the home of the entrepreneur, many of us contemplate the risk involved, the preponderance of failure associated with the effort and let someone else put in the herculean effort involved.  And we stay with our day job.  Steven Hoffman is inherently a risk taker and one who can describe, in detail, what goes into the process of starting from scratch.  He’s the CEO of Founders Space, one of the world’s leading startup incubators and accelerators.  He’s also an angel investor, limited partner of August Capital, serial entrepreneur and the author of ‘Surviving a Startup’.  Listen to the podcast, read the book and then decide if you’re founder material.  In a step by step manner he describes what it takes.  And while much of our economy is powered by women and men starting dynamic new companies in their garages and basements, those are the exceptions.  And that’s what make these people and their stories exceptional.  We’ll share some of them on this podcast.