EP 483 Going Back Down on the Farm With Dan Glickman

Dan Glickman has had a very interesting life.  Following his years as a Congressman from Kansas, he became Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Agriculture and later the president of the Motion Picture industry, replacing the legendary Jack Valenti.  In his new book, “Laughing At Myself: My Education in Congress, On the Farm and the Movies’, he offers self deprecation as one of the solutions for the all too serious, and divided, state of our politics today.  In a wide ranging conversation, we explore the history and future of agriculture policy and then turn to another great American export, our culture, as expressed through the creative minds and eyes of moviemakers.  If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the family farm, what’s in the once in five year farm bill and the importance of Big Food in decision-making about agriculture, you’ll find it in a most appetizing way in this podcast.