EP 440 Electric Cars Get Big Boost From California

 Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed an executive order to end the sale of new gas-burning cars by 2035. That is a big deal because California’s impact on climate matters set the standard for 14 others states that follow their lead and automakers who will adapt to the market established by America’s country within a country, with its 40 million residents.  Are you ready for electric cars?  Can our electrical grid handle the increased demand on it?  Will the price point for these vehicles come into line with the budgets of most Americans?  Will Elon Musk dominate the market or will established automakers became major players or, perhaps, a start up we have yet to become aware of?  Jonn Axsen, associate professor at Simon Fraser University and Director of the Sustainable Transportation Research Team at the University, studies all these questions and senses none will be a major challenge to the growth of electric cars as we move along.  Much more important will be the impetus given to the industry by policy makers hastening the change.  Buckle up for major changes as to what’s under the hood.