EP 441 Cyberattacks, Cyberattacks, Everywhere a Cyberattack

 You must have read about the recent cyberattack.  Which one you ask?  Take your pick.  There seems to be a new one daily.  It could be your hospital system, your bank or one level or another of your government.  What’s amazing is how many ways hackers have of slipping through the digital back door or any opening in your computer defenses.  The recent hack of 18,000 U.S. companies and key federal government agencies really got our attention. It went undetected for a long period of time and was brazen as the perpetrator attached a computer virus to software updates a private contractor, SolarWinds, pushed out to its clients. To understand what we must do to limit and diminish the impact of these attacks we turn to Frederick Scholl, the Cybersecurity Program Director at Quinnipiac University.  I ask him how life seems to go on after these many attacks and those of us affected never sense that we have been violated.  He said the impact may be down the road.  Take a listen.