EP 413 Joe Biden Readies To Move America Forward

Evan Osnos starts his new book, ‘Joe Biden: The Life, The Run and What Matters Now’ by recounting one of the tragedies that has befallen our 46th President on his long and arduous rise to the political pinnacle.  And while he will often talk about the loss of his wife and daughter in a car accident or his son Beau’s death to cancer, he rarely recounts his own near death experience with an aneurysm, which left him unable to perform his senatorial duties for months.  While this is the first revelation in the book, there are many others provided by this National Book Award Winner.  For example, Biden’s theory of the case as to how to win the nomination defied all conventional logic about the drift of the Democratic Party and his private words with Vladimir Putin offer insight into a different relationship tro come with this President and the Russian leader. If Joe Biden’s right he can also calm a jittery and divided nation and make deals from the center which will bring movement on major policy issues, like climate change, income inequality and racial justice.  On the eve of his inauguration, Evan joins us to discuss where his insights suggest we may be headed.