EP 390 The Impact of Having an Abortion on the Woman’s Life

There’s been a ten year study done of women who had an abortion and women who were turned away at a clinic because they missed the deadline to have one.  The intent was to see the impact that this decision had on these two groups over a long sweep of time.  The Turnaway Study is the largest ever to examine women’s experiences with abortion and unwanted pregnancies in the United States.  Diana Greene Foster is the principal researcher on the project and also the author of a book on the study.  The book is titled ‘The Turnaway Study’ and it describes the results and methodology  and illustrates many women’s stories.  In general it finds that many of the common claims about the detrimental effects on women’s health of having an abortion are not supported by the evidence.  For example, women who have an abortion are not more likely than those denied the procedure to have depression or anxiety.  This podcast goes beyond the contours of the study to look at the issue of abortion in current day America.