EP 370 Video Streaming Services Multiply as Business Booms

Have you been binge watching like so many in our society in this stay at home moment? Do you have a favorite service or did you sign up for free trials? And do you churn, by that we mean stay with a service for several months, drop it and return when there’s something that catches your eye? If there’s been a growth industry in America before, during and, likely, after the coronavirus pandemic it is streaming video content. With so many major players stepping up to challenge Netflix the industry leader, like Disney, Comcast, Apple, Amazon and Quibbi, the competition for eyeballs and subscriptions is sure to intensify. What is the value proposition each of them offers and how will this all shake out in the period ahead? To explain what’s happening Dan Rayburn, streaming media expert and principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan, joins us. He looks at the big picture trend and delves into the various business models each service is employing. It’s a great conversation and will give you a clear picture of the rapidly expanding market for your attention.