Special Edition #7 Disruptive Technologies Further Unleashed in Wake of the Pandemic

Our guest is Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity.com and co-founder of Kayak.com. He has written a new book called ‘Disruption Off: The Technological Disruption Coming for Your Company and What to Do About It’. Having this conversation with him during the coronavirus pandemic begged us to spend time imagining what impact this will all have on the already convulsive period of change in the way America does business, from teleconferencing to working at home to the deployment of new technologies to better understand customer needs and enhance the ability to meet them more quickly. He has disrupted the travel business, more than once, and now sees that business in a dramatic period of adjustment. While he reminds us that one company’s disruption is another company’s innovation, the pace and the inevitability of change far outstrips anything we’ve seen in the past. And there’s virtually no sector untouched. He’s an in-demand speaker and you’ll hear why on this podcast.