EP 327 Plant Based Burgers Are All the Rage

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  It’s hard to drive past any fast food chain restaurant without noticing that places known for unhealthy choices have added one item that most nutritionists say is better than those historically offered.  It’s the plant-based, or meatless, burger.  So we decided to find out if this new food craze is really as good as advertised.  And the story, like most, is more complex than meets the eye. If you’re using it to replace other vegetables and fruit in your diet or coupling it with French fries, lots of toppings and a sugary drink, then you’re defeating the purpose. After all, it is a ‘processed food’.  In the podcast, we’ll rummage around to find a definition for that term.  We’ll also assess whether this is a food breakthrough or a fad and whether it’s key benefit may be weaning us off beef options for the betterment of our health and our planet.  We call upon Debbie Petitpain, a spokesperson and registered dietitian affiliated with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, to provide answers and she delivers big time.  And while meatless meat is going mainstream, it’s being met with a backlash from various sources.  We’ll try to objectively tackles those, as well.