EP 328 The Sixth Stage of Grief

In the realm of groundbreaking work, David Kessler and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross introduced us to the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance in 2005 in the book ‘On Grief and Grieving’. Ms. Kubler-Ross has died, but Mr. Kessler, the world’s most well-known expert on grieving, continues his work and introduces us to the sixth stage of grief in his new book, ‘Finding Meaning’.  He reminds us in this podcast that grieving is a journey that contours in different ways for each person and that you cannot put each stage in a neat box.  It’s messy. He further illuminates the essential nature of ‘meaning’ which allows you to sustain your love for the person after their death while also moving forward with yours.  It’s one of those conversations you just want to listen in on as the realities of grief will visit us all.  He offers a free on-line class with this book and describes that in this discussion.