EP 278 Will the Next War Start in the Fifth Domain?

  ‘The Fifth Domain’ is a term the Pentagon uses for cyberspace,
following the progression of locations for battle–land, sea, air and
space.  The key issue in cyberspace, like all of warfare, relates to the
calculations about offensive and defensive capabilities among the
actors and the readiness to deploy a country’s take down capabilities of
vital digital assets.  To some, they would rather see a cyber war,
presuming no one will die.  Tell that to a country that loses its
electric grid and finds itself back in the proverbial Stone Age.  There
is little doubt among policy planners that a substantial cyber attack
can well be the precursor to the next major, hot conflict.  Richard A.
Clarke and Robert K. Knake, two experts in national security, wrote
their first book together, Cyber War, about a decade ago and now they
update their thinking on where things stand today in cyberspace.  While
we keep reading about a disjointed response from America and attacks
that get through and affect our daily lives, these two experts suggest
the defenses being built are getting stronger.  No better way to update
yourself on this vitally important topic than by listening to this