EP 222A The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming

It is worse, so much worse, than you think’.  And that’s just the first line of David Wallace-Wells’ book, ‘The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming’.  So, you read on to be reminded that much of what we have to fear about the new climate reality is already upon us.  Yet, failure to push back against it in a herculean way, worldwide, will all but insure hundreds of million more deaths and still more living of us living in a ‘degraded muddle’ which would be ‘merely grim, rather than apocalyptic’.  In beautiful prose, he helps us visualize the wildfires, plagues, flooded cities and dying oceans that await us. Much of the messaging about climate change has not been effective in communicating the stark reality that’s upon us. He’s hoping through this powerful book he can break through the delusional thinking that it’s not going to happen here, with force, anytime soon.  Think again. Listen up!